Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A great big chink of light

Remember this job that I didn't get, and how gutted I was when I found out two weeks ago? Well, guess what? I got an email from one of the directors of the company yesterday, looking to speak to me. Now last week I managed to track down one of the people who interviewed me, and he was kind enough to take the time for a chat on the phone and gave me some very helpful feedback. Basically he said my CV was impressive, and I had interviewed really well, but that I had been up against other candidates who had previously worked for their parent group, so they had the competitive advantage in terms of having experience of their accounting systems and general way of doing things. That made me feel a bit better. So I emailed him a quick thank you a couple of days after I spoke to him, in the hopes that if another vacancy came up in the near future, I might be kept in mind.

And feck me pink, if that's not what happened. I phoned back the lady who emailed me, to be told that one of the team who they had previously been recruiting for had decided to hand in her notice and move back to the UK, where she was originally from. So they now have another vacancy, which they want to offer to me. And it gets better. The salary is almost nine thousand euro more than my finishing salary in my last job. As you can imagine, when I hung up the phone I danced around my kitchen. My next door neighbour must have been wondering what the fuck was up with me, I was squealing so loudly!

So that's it. They want me to start whenever I can. I think I'm going take another week and a half just to get organised, get my house spick and span and go shopping for a new work wardrobe. AND.................I'm going to get a new car! I'm sooooo excited about this. I'm still driving the first car I ever bought, which I have had for six years now. I bought it off my sister in law when I moved down here, with the intention of learning to drive in it and hanging on to it for two or three years maximum. It's now fourteen years old, and has served me well. So I'm looking at doing a scrappage deal and getting myself a shiny new set of wheels.

In ten days time I'm going to be a Finance Analyst. Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go.


  1. So so happy things are turning around! you see? changing the title of your blog was the first step in the change!!

  2. Damn, the feed hasn't been updating! I THOUGHT you were quiet!

    Delighted by happy job news, and so very sad for your bad news. Belated commiserations; it's always a double edged sword getting poor results. On the one hand: they're poor, on the the other hand: it IS a result. But, as you say, knowing a long time earlier would have been good.

    Have a read of my friend's blog http://definitionofinsanity.wordpress.com/ quickly, before she shuts it down; she's recently had little boy following donor egg cycle.

  3. The job is great news, especially with the state of the place at the moment.

    I calculate you have already started, so hope it's going well!

  4. WOW, Jane - that is mighty! Talk about meteoric eh?