Thursday, March 31, 2011

John's TV debut

As I mentioned last month, John made his debut on live TV today extolling the virtues of surfing on RTE's Daily Show. Here's the link, John's bit starts around 1.54. We had a really enjoyable day, and we got to meet not only the Daily Show team (Dáithi O Sé being a not so secret crush of mine!), but also the presenter of our favourite morning radio show, Ian Dempsey. John was a wee bit nervous, since the show was going out live, but all in all he did really well and I was very proud of him.


  1. Oh no! the link doesn't work because I am out of its territory.

  2. Ah crap! Same thing happened when the lads at work tried to view it, because we are on a US server. I will see if I can get John to work his geeky, sorry tecchie magic and get it onto youtube.