Monday, June 21, 2010

Costa del Clare

Once again we took advantage of the good weather and headed to our little flat in Clare for the weekend. We were up bright and early on Saturday to catch those lovely atlantic waves at 9.30. After two hours or so in the water, we went home for lunch and then back for another surf in the afternoon. Then we went home and fired up a little foil barbeque and cooked some dinner. We asked our landlords, who live downstairs, if they fancied joining us for a drink. When Stuart rocked up to the flat with a six pack of guinness cans under his oxter, I knew we were in for a long night. And it was.

Feeling ropey the next morning, we set ourselves up with a good feed of rashers and sausages, and made for Lahinch hoping for a cold ocean cure. It didn't totally cure me, but I did feel better for it. Afterwards we headed back to base, collected food and barbeque and hit for South Clare. We settled for a lovely sandy beach just outside Quilty, where we bbqed and chilled out for the afternoon. We went back to Lahinch in the evening because John wanted one last surf. I walked on the beach and watched the sun go down, and as I strolled along, a guy on horseback came galloping along the beach. A real Discover Ireland tourism advert moment. After sunset, we packed up and headed back for home. Another blissful weekend. I like this new fun manifesto of ours.


  1. I'd love to have been there with you! It just sounds fantastic!

  2. Sounds lovely.

    But, still no news about the job?

  3. Sounds like heaven!
    You're almost to your fertility appointment! Let us know how it goes!